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Thread: Scientific information requested

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    I am after some scientific information regarding laser beam strength degredation in air. I do not know whether anyone has any good information they could share please. Information on

    Atomic saturation of the air
    Electron scattering of the beam
    General loss through the air
    Plasma heating of air

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    In general, the laser beam strength is mostly impacted by beam broadening, as the collimation is limited by manufacturing economics as well as diffraction effects.
    The beam scatter from airborne dust and water vapor is much less significant except in rare instances (fog) and plasma heating is entirely negligible as a factor unless megawatt beam powers are involved.
    That puts the burden for minimizing beam strength losses on the emitter optics.
    For cheap lasers, it suffices to form the laser diode properly, better units have separate focusing lenses, but such products usually are for industrial or government use and have regulatory constraints.

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    And what if he tries to build a weapon grade unit to evaporate evil satellites flying above?

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    Look over on laser pointer forums, your requested info is there, as well as in Sam's laser FAQ.
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