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Thread: Jeers to Manker

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    I purchased a Manker LAD direct from their site... waited almost TWO weeks for delivery only to receive a dead light which I can not charge due to a misaligned USB port.... Its just crooked enough that the micro usb gets caught up on the edge of the female part preventing insertion. After I email them (several back and forth messages) seeking exchange - I'm told to "take a video"... ? Not sure what I'm supposed to video, THE PORT IS CROOKED and I can't plug in the micro USB to charge it. I guess I'm just chalking this one up to a $25 lesson learned. I already have a MecArmy(SGN3), NiteCore(tube) and Fenix(UC01).... but want something brighter for my keychain EDC, anyone have suggestions?

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    An almost two week wait and then it's DOA. That is really disappointing! Adding insult to injury, they advise sending a video.

    If they're not going to exchange it might as well attempt to bend er to the left a bit.

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    I bet there's enough flex to stick something in there and force the port to the left a little. Worth a shot I guess.

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    I would just email them a pic or 2 showing the port misaligned. My guess would be ,they send a new one out to you. It seems typical practice of Chinese manufacturers to want video's. As its not flashing or blinking, a physical issue, a picture should be fine.

    Nothing to loose, only a couple of mins in an email. I am sure it will end well, dont give up as its also a matter of principle. Besides $25 is still a good amount of money.

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    It really shouldn’t be that hard to push it over into place. I wouldn’t touch it of course if they made any offer to fix it but it should pop right over. I’ve had several devices with the same problem
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    Default Jeers to Manker

    You can also try disassembling the light and realigning the board so the charging port lines up correctly. If you try forcing it over without separating the 2 halves u could break a solder connection and disable the use of the usb charging port.
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    Maybe send them a photo of the crooked port.
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